Comprehensive community mental health care initiative

Status Report of February 2015

Community Mental Health Programme Department of Community Health St. John’s Medical College, Bangalore-34. Matching Grant # 58871; Rotary Bangalore Midtown Rotary Club of Columbia & the Rotary Foundation

Street Play - A Brief Report

Maanasi Community Mental Health ProgrammeSupported by Rotary Bangalore Midtown Club

Maanasi - Publication by Dr. Geetha Jayaram

Asian Journal of Psychiatry - Overcoming cultural barriers to deliver comprehensive rural community mental health care in Southern India

WHO Reports Mental Illness

Poverty and common mental disorders in developing countries

WHO Mental Health Challenge 2013 - 2020

The global burden of mental disorders is large and continues to grow. Health system throughout the world struggling to respond adequately to the needs of people with mental health problems.

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