eMaanasi Model

What We Do

“Intervention through Medical care can make a change and a difference because a woman’s health stands at the core of the family, the family stands at the core of the village and the village stands at the core of our society. That is where the whole idea of Maanasi Story germinated”

– Ramesh Bulchandani

Comprehensive Community
Mental Health Care Initiative

Today, Project Maanasi at Mugalur and HSIS are serving women, men, and children with varying degrees of mental illness by providing medical care, medicines, and mental care education for patients from 206 villages, 8 districts around Bangalore with a reach of 6 million households.

With over 20 years of sustained efforts by Dr. Geetha and a team of doctors from St. Johns Medical College at Project Maanasi established a successful model for implementing a comprehensive community psychiatry program in rural India. Rural mental health care takes care of cultural congruence; integrates primary care and local community workers for its success.

The Maanasi Model is based on an extensive study done in the context of Rural India.

Focusing on the rural women of Karnataka

Integrating mental health care with primary care

Making care affordable and accessible

Sustaining the program long term

As the result, today at Project Maanasi provides mental healthcare for the Rural communities using a successful and vibrant model that overcame hurdles to treat thousands of patients from hundreds of villages in Southern India. Keeing in mind the low resource use, and the lack of accessibility, comprehensive care, the use of caseworkers with in the community and primary care professionals.

“Maanasi Clinic” at Mugalur:

A team of trained doctors

4 dedicated trained heath workers, travel to distant villages on bikes to provide medical support and awareness.

Documented process for patient screening, outreach mechanism to treat patients in 206 villages.

Digitized Mental Health Management and Recording System to keep track to thousands of patient case history.

The “Maanasi Model” has been recognised by the World Health Organisation (W.H.O) as one of the models for providing effective mental health care in developing nations. Let's adopt this in our community, society and villages and help millions of our needy patients.

- Ramesh Bulchandani

Chairman RY 2016-17