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Who We Are

A mission to deliver mental health and primary care services to rural people of Karnataka with special emphasis on women and children.

The goal of the program has been to provide low cost care to villagers

sustained outreach to those who cannot access the clinic, and educate patients and others about seeking care to improve their lives.

The Project sets out a number of cost-effective strategies to tackle the treatment gap for mental, neurological and substance use disorders in rural southern India. These include: screening of women from villages for psychiatric treatment, bringing treatment near to their homes, bringing medicine and medical assistance to women with varying degrees of mental illness. The project relies on partnerships to scale up services with the objective of reducing the burden of mental, neurological and substance use disorders.

Maanasi Clinic

Solving the acute shortage of Mental health practioners

eMaanasi is a digital platform designed to support community mental health efforts through the use of several modules. The field workers tab module allows field workers to access and update information on the individuals they are working with, including their treatment plans and progress. The administrators tab module allows administrators to manage and coordinate the activities of the field workers, as well as track the overall progress of the community mental health program. The psychiatrist’s desktop module provides a centralized location for psychiatrists to review and update the treatment plans for their patients. All of these modules are managed by the hospital management module, which ensures that the platform is running smoothly and that all of the necessary information is easily accessible to the relevant parties. Overall, eMaanasi aims to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of community mental health efforts by providing a comprehensive, digital solution for managing and coordinating care.

The first Maanasi Clinic at St. John's PHC, Mugalur village.

The first Maanasi Clinic at Mugalur village was started in November 2002 with Rotary Foundation matching grant programme, M.G#20594 of the Rotary Foundation, Rotary Club of Koramangala and Rotary Club Columbia, Maryland, USA.

Today is a Successful Reality

“Project Maanasi” today is a successful reality as the result of a dedicated efforts and close partnership between Rtn. Dr. Geetha Jayaram, St. Johns Medical College, Bangalore, and dedicated and sustained efforts by Rotary Club of Bangalore Midtown from 2004 onwards, along with the support from members Rotary Club of Howard West, USA.

Psychiatry and Community Medicine

The Project is running under the care of the Department of Psychiatry and Community Medicine at the St. John’s Medical College, Bangalore, which provides a dedicated team of doctors under the leadership and compassionate care of Dr.Ramakrishna Goud, Dr. Manohari and Dr. Suhas of St. John’s Medical College.

6 Million+ Households

20+ Years of Service

206+ Villages

8 Districts Around Bangalore

A Video Documentary

"Project Maanasi" - Joint initiative by Rotary Bangalore Midtown and St. John's Medical College

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