Appeal for partnership


We invite Business Enterprises, Government Agencies, NGOs, Educational Institutions, Hospitals and Individuals citizens to come forward and partner with us in this noble cause and help scale this project to next level

Your support will help us reach millions of more lives.

Our Mission

Maanasi Community Mental Health Program in Karnataka, India. For 2 decades has been addressing critical challenges that India is facing. It has addressed the gap in the mental health practitioners to patients ratio while catering to mental health care through the community. 

The program has been successfully running for 20 years and has helped hundreds of individuals in the community. It provides a range of services including Screening, counseling, psychoeducation, and psychiatric care, all of which are crucial for the treatment and management of mental health issues. The program is also involved in creating awareness about mental health issues in the community, reducing the stigma associated with mental illness, and promoting the importance of seeking help when needed.

Our Vision

“Project Maanasi” is a very successful platform and a mission that is complementing the efforts of “National Mental Health Program “of Government of India, and is also recognized by the “World Health Organization” as one of the models for providing effective mental health care in developing nations.

The 2 decades of effective care stand as a testimony to the Maanasi model to address these issues. Currently, we are looking at scaling up the project and helping more people in need in the rural communities. We have established collaboration with KHPT, Health and Family Welfare and Rural Development and Panchayat Raj (departments of the Government of Karnataka) and we are set to roll out across karnataka.

Your contribution will go a long way in making a positive impact on the mental health of the community.

Our Donors

We are seeking following options

Partnership, Sponsorship, Contributions and Donations

Individual Partners

All citizens and individuals can donate any amount in the multiple of Rs. 1,000/- toward “The Rotary Bangalore Midtown Trust a/c Project Maanasi - Details for contribution are in the “Donation” section in the contacts of the website.

Corporate Partners

Adopting one and more “Maanasi Clinics” by contributing funds to cover all onetime infrastructure expenses and recurring annual expenses for one or more “Maanasi Clinics” from their CSR funds.

Technology Partners

Contribute funds, equipment and technical expertise for Computing Systems, Printer, Mobile Phones, Tablet Computers, Video Conferencing Systems, Networking Systems, Software Applications, and yearly operational expenses for one or more “Maanasi Clinics’ from their CSR funds and activities.

Medicine Contribution Partners

Providing required medicines for one or more “Maanasi Clinics” on an annual basis.

Hospital Partners

Partner with St. Johns Medical College Hospital, Bangalore and Dr. Geetha Jayaram and extend the reach of “Project Maanasi” to distant locations in India and other countries in the developing world. The partner is to provide free trained doctor care services to the project on long term basis.

Health and Family Welfare

In partnership with Health and Family Welfare and Rural Development & Panchayat Raj eMaanasi is set to roll out across Karnataka.

Support us.

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