Comprehensive Community Mental Health Care Initiative

Bhaskar GS met with Dr. Shekar Saxena at World Health Organisation. Dr. Saxena appreciated the efforts of “Project Maanasi” and requested us to continue our good work and also expressed his desire to associated with Rotary

Anekal PHC Embarks on eMaanasi Implementation: Bringing Mental Health Support to the Community

           On 20/05/2023 a significant step towards enhancing mental health services, a meeting was held at the Anekal Primary Health Center (PHC) to discuss the commencement of eMaanasi, a digital platform aimed at providing comprehensive mental health care. The meeting, attended by key stakeholders, highlighted the importance of extending the eMaanasi platform to Anekal and outlined plans for its implementation.

     The meeting was attended by Dr. Rajani, Deputy Director of Mental Health; Dr. Ravi, Taluk Health Officer; Dr. Manohari, Head of Psychiatry (retired) from St. John’s Hospital; Mr. Shiva Prasad, Benefactor and Coordinator of Anekal PHC;   FR Singhvi and Ramesh Bulchandani from Rotary Midtown of the Maanasi Committee; and Dr. Neetha Reddy, Medical Officer of the Department of Mental Health (DMH). Their collective efforts aimed to improve mental health care accessibility in the region. 

 One of the main decisions made during the meeting was to provide training and supplementary training, as required, to healthcare professionals in order to effectively implement the eMaanasi platform in Anekal. Dr. Manohari, with the support of a DMH psychiatrist, will spearhead this initiative, ensuring that the healthcare providers are well-prepared to utilize the platform’s features and provide quality care to patients.


         To further strengthen the reach of mental health services, it was suggested that the 17 Asha workers in Anekal be incentivized at Rs 50 per case for their eMaanasi work and support at the patients’ doorstep. Additionally, the meeting addressed the crucial need for rehabilitation services for children and adults with disabilities. It was agreed that a dedicated space within the PHC would be allocated for rehabilitation purposes, allowing individuals with disabilities to receive proper treatment and care. To facilitate the Asha workers’ travel to the surrounding villages, Rtn FR Singhvi kindly offered a Sansera vehicle to provide routine pick-up and drop-off services. Meanwhile, the Asha workers, in their resident villages, will continue their rounds on foot, eliminating the need for additional vehicles.

During the meeting, it was also suggested to include perinatal screening, specifically Matruchaitamya, in the eMaanasi screening questionnaire. To ensure the availability of medications, Jana Awshadi, a pharmacy known for sourcing medicines, will be approached to top up supplies whenever shortages are noticed. Rotary Bangalore Midtown will assist in coordinating this effort, utilizing their resources to support the initiative.

This collaborative effort seeks to create a sustainable and inclusive mental health system within the government’s framework. With the eMaanasi platform rolling out in Anekal, the community can look forward to improved access to mental health services, timely interventions, and comprehensive support for individuals of all ages.


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